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Pyro's Inferno [entries|friends|calendar]
Migoy Lizada

Migoy Lizada
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[10 Jul 2008|10:49am]
I wake up every morning to the ear-drilling sound of jackhammers and the blare of the 6:45 siren of construction workers.

There are no flowers here. And so the smell of fresh varnish and white paint become the scent of a new day.

The hungry stomach cannot wait. Breakfast: my choice of oil with corned beef, oil with bacon or dry hotdog. Coffee? Why not? The 3-in-1 pack costs 10 pesos. Ask the servers for a cup. I sometimes get hot water from that water fountain. If it is not my day, I sneak into Cervini and use the water fountain in front of the Mentor's Room. Sights to see are the workers trying to install the airconditioning unit the caf management promised a month ago.

The new office of the Public Relations Group (my second job) is in Alingal Hall. We just moved in last week and the place is still being renovated. Walking towards the office down the hall is both a dodge ball game of evading moving plywood and a memory game of trying to guess which of the tiles are now dry and walkable.

After a day of selling Ateneo to the demanding public, I go home. Along the corridor are beds waiting to be transported to the unfurnished rooms upstair. They're not for me.

But if I'm lucky, a new furniture item waits for me outside the room. They delivered my cabinet weeks after I lived on suitcases and last week they gave me this small table. They're both new and yes, they carry the smell of varnish -- the scent of day's end too is the smell of polished wood.

I sleep hoping that the water dispenser down the hall has not been depleted. Just in case I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Outside, the construction workers are gone. But the mountain of sand is still a mountain.

In this city, we all have our ordinary stories: the argument over breakfast, the water heater that doesn't work, the cramped MRT, the jampacked bus, the inconsiderate drivers, the incompetent conductor, the polite young man who offered you a seat, the commuter who tried to snatch your phone...

And wherever we are, whatever we do and whoever we are, we all live, eat and sleep on construction sites: on houses that need renovation, on homes that demand repair, on marriages that need to be salvaged, on needs famished be fed, on routines that must rework, ... on lives that have to be repainted.
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[27 May 2008|08:33am]


I like women who are strong
and men in their frailty.

 In the beginning, this was the order:
Pairs: sky and sea.

perfection and nudity
slithering through our history,

like a river… Like a river that
once overflowed its banks

and salvation came
in a boatful of couplets.

This is the vocabulary of human scales, I understand.
But I’m tipping it.

Like a ripple in this same river,
Like a fruit from a different forbidden tree, 

I offer a new form of nakedness.
A poeticization of the words 

that still leave us wanting:
thirst, bite, clothing. 

I am not afraid of men who are women
without breasts.

 I adore women who hiss
in serpentine tongues. 

In this bodily paradise where
my wants rip scales

and my metaphors drown
the grammar of words,

the only writing on the wall
is the curse of choice.

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[22 Mar 2008|11:00am]
Umm the strike is over na diba?

Another poem in progress:


Science Fiction
For S. I’ve decided.

I wish to live with you
on a planet at the edge of the universe.

Earthly houses have tired me.
Weed, pest, gnome, – I wish to uproot 

myself from them as easy
as how I lock the knob on every ghost

in every room, as quick as when I turn off
each predictable kiss in this black and white

world of di Caprio and Winslet, titanic
towers and princes – the usual stories trapped

within the pages in bedrooms above living
rooms of houses. Earthly ones.

I wish to live with you
on a planet at the edge of the universe

where strange is now home,
where we plot

the geography of our feet
and the zodiac of our lives.

And the sun. The sun?
The sun will be an alien,

a distant star we’ll point out
one night and say:

It took billions of years for its light
to travel here. The sun must be dead by now

I wish to live with you
on a planet at the edge of the universe.

And there, where the constellations
are as certain as the anatomy of our hearts,

 where the distant light proves
the dissolution of an unfamiliar earth,

I can finally say to you,
this, this, this:

Only in your hands,
stellar, familiar, light hands

 will I dissolve and die.

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Canto 517: A Blue Life [01 Aug 2007|01:49pm]
Canto 517:
A Blue Life

X] Bought something from the A Shop
[X] Got an A for at least one subject
[X] Understood the definition of "HELL" week…
[X] and regretted finding out what it meant
[X] Has taken/ Currently taking PE 101

[X] Crammed three papers in one night (How about 7? This happened in my last day ever)
[X] Gave a class presentation that you now regret
[X] Know at least one photocopy lady because of professors who loved Xerox machines (Ate Imelda! Ang photocopy lady ng English Department!)
[X] Got an F in a long test
[X] Promised to do better but didn't

[X] Exerted effort to be exempted sa finals of course.
[X] Striven for bonus points
[X] Slept in the library
[X] Ate lunch outside the caf
[X] Get a Jesuit for a teacher (Fr. Heckler/Dacanay. Fr David. Fr Nick Cruz. Fr. Jett Villarin) 

[X] Ate at least in 10 establishments in Katipunan
[X] Got an attack from Higad
[X] Watched BlueRep and TA plays
[X] Preferred Manang's food over the Caf's
[X] Screamed your lungs out in Araneta for the Blue Eagles (SUS-PEN-DED! SUS-PEN-DED!)

[ ] Puked at Math 19 and 20
[X] Went to CERSA night (Perfect Attendance. I wonder why)
[X] Signed-up for an Org
[X] Joined an org that has a screening
[X] Became active in that org

[X] Joined a socially oriented org
[X] Played cards during long breaks
[X] Found immersion trips meaningful
[X] Went to school in flip-flops
[X] Went to school in "pambahay attire"

[ ] Went to school wearing chucks
[X] Hated your random number
[X] Been to Drew's
[X] Have an organizer, whether it be from Starbucks, Go Nuts, Belle de Jour or whatever!
[X] Went to class without showering after P.E.

[X] Wanted to tell the guards to F*ck off (PALAAAAAAC!!!)
[X] had accidentally seen a make-out session (Madali lang ito! Go to Berchmans!)
[X] Used consultation times properly
[X] Brought an umbrella but it didn't rain
[X] Left an umbrella and then it rained

[X] Went to school trying to make porma but no one noticed
[X] Went to school looking crappy and everyone noticed
[X] Camwhored a lot
[X] Saw artistas and completely ignored them
[X] Spoke in a conyo way OMG I'm like, so... ahahahahahaha

[X] Found a Chinese girl/boy hot
[X] Nagulat sa lumulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass walkway
[X] Had a block party
[ ] Cut class to watch a movie with blockmates
[X] Have at least 25 Ateneans on your Ym list (100!)

[X] Became an FFL (Fucking freeloader!) (Hoy sometimes lang ito!)
[X] Traded dvds of American tv shows with your friends
[X] Went to Ewood for nothing
[ ] Wore aviator glasses in Ateneo
[X] Ate in class (I allow my own students to eat in class. What does that say about me as a student then? ^_^)

[X] Became EMO for no apparent reason in school
[X] Thought friendster is a bust and multiply is SOOO much better
[X] Voted in the Sanggu elections
[X] Read the Guidon and Matanglawin thoroughly (When they were better and when the likes of Czarina, Jef, KD and Jed were still there)
[X] Tried to avoid the guards because you left your oh-so-precious id

[X] Engaged in deep-thinking while in Ateneo gardens such as Zen and SOM walkway
[X] Bought coffee from Figaro sa MVP basement!
[X] Nakapaghang-out sa isang MVP room sus. lagi. haha.
[X] Became an official YouTube addict
[X] Knew why Jesuit education is priceless

[X] Learned a lot about life due to your Philosophy and Theology subjects
[X] Went to Ateneo even if you had no class
[X] Knew at least 7 famous Ateneo Alumni (THE DEATHLY HELLLLLLLOOOOOO's!!!!)
[ ] Laughed at Tapdancers
[X] Ran out of ink due to numerous papers you had to pass

[X] Maximized the use of your flash drive
[X] Celebrated diversity in the Ateneo
[X] Kept OrSem memories
[X] Watched a movie with fellow Ateneans that aren't from your block (They are called CERSANs. And they are quite a lot)
[X] Has the hots for a fellow Atenean.

Worth 3 points each:
[X] Attended simbang gabi at Gesu
[X] REGed2Vote
[X] Screamed in Araneta for the Blue Eagles
[X] Know at least 3 Ateneo cheers
[X] Memorized and sung A Song for Mary whole-heartedly
[X] Got to be on the Dean's list for at least a semester
[X] Prayed to St. Ignatius of Loyola

Worth 5 points: [X] Called yourself an Atenean


A= 92-100
B+= 86-91
B= 77-85
C+= 69-76
C= 60-68
D= 50-59
F= 49 and below

A Baby! A!

WAIT! Bakit 50 ang passing score nito! Diba dapat 70?!?!?!? That's the Ateneo standard!!!!!

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[10 Jun 2007|01:28am]

Good day,

I am Sharon, the sister of Charon, the boatman who ferries people to Dante's Inferno.

As you can see, Pyro's Inferno, Migoy's journal, is now for Friends only. If you want to be added, just leave a comment.  And I'll ferry you to Pyro's Inferno right away.

Abandon all your hope and clothes then.



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